• Thu, 30 March 2023



Our principal mission is to deliver and facilitate anti-corruption education and training for professionals and practitioners from all sectors. We provide research and platforms for dialogue and networking, which in bringing together field specialists allow for the development of grounded, sustainable strategies and guidelines.

Our holistic curricula address a wide range of disciplines and cater to various regions of the world. Furthermore, we advance an understanding of the cross-cutting and devastating nature of corruption and thus call for a broader contextualization. We encourage the social responsibility of all sectors and a change of attitudes in this regard. We are strongly committed to international cooperation, direct dialogue and broad partnerships as a means for expertise exchange and greater solidarity in the fight against corruption.

Our alumni network provides for a continuous sharing of experiences and best practices, mutual technical assistance and the latest know-how. We perceive our alumni as ambassadors and as part of a growing global anti-corruption alliance.


We view an unwavering No! to corruption as a basic right for all our societies. Our vision is, therefore, to substantially contribute to the global fight against corruption and become the leading educational institution in promulgating it. We are an international, innovative and globally renowned centre of excellence, which empowers professionals.

We advance the goals of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, promote the rule of law, and provide support and technical assistance for states, organizations, corporations, and other stakeholders.

As corruption knows no borders, affects all countries and sectors of society and cannot be remedied with traditional educational methods alone, our vision is to tackle this global phenomenon with a new and holistic approach.

This approach is:

International – observing regional diversity, servicing all corners of the globe, and foreseeing the broadest possible outreach

Inter-disciplinary – providing know-how and expertise from various academic and non-academic fields

Inter-sectoral – catering to all sectors of society

Integrative – bridging the gap between theory and practice by offering theoretical and practical knowledge and tools

Sustainable – striving towards long-term and long-lasting solutions and services


Our values reflect our practices. We hold integrity, credibility, accountability, transparency, ethical values, and merit-based systems in highest regard. Impartiality and maintaining an unbiased position are also our core values. All our work shall be driven by excellence.

We value the relationships we have developed with our students, staff and stakeholders. We strive to ensure geographical diversity. Our values conform to the major international anti-corruption instruments and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are loyal to these values, institutionally and personally, and committedly take over the responsibility of adhering to them.

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