Let's prevent conflicts of interest to fight against corruption: Part 6

  • Tue, 30 August 2022

International Lessons

            In Myanmar, anti-corruption activities are regulated by the Anti-Corruption Law and Conflicts of Interest of Civil Servants are being restricted and controlled according to the provisions of the Ethical Values for Civil Service Personnel. Act on the Prevention of Conflict of Interest Related to Duties of Public Servants (Korea) is an effective legislation to promote integrity and prevent conflicts of interest in the public sector. We have learned lessons from the international community, including Korea, and have studied and submitted that we should step up our efforts to fight against corruption in our country according to the Motto of “Remove Corruption, Promote Prosperity”.


- Ethic for Civil Servant, Ethical Values for Civil Service Personnel

- Code of Conduct of Anti-Corruption Commission

- Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector, Good Practices Guide (World Bank, OECD,


- https://www.acrc.go.kr/en/ 

- (Chapter description from the article “Let's prevent conflicts of interest to fight against corruption” by Lin Latt, a columnist in Myanmar alin          newspaper on 29-6-2022)