Let's prevent conflicts of interest to fight against corruption: Part 3

  • Thu, 18 August 2022

Reporting System

            In order to prevent conflicts of interest in the performance of public servants, the stipulation in article 5, “Where the public servant who performs the duties becomes aware that a person related to his or her duties is a person related with private interests, he or she shall file a report on such fact with the head of the affiliated institution in writing within 14 days”  in article 6, “When a person possesses or purchases real estate related to the duties of a public institution a public servant  affiliated with such public institution  shall file a report on such fact in writing with the head of the affiliated institution. ”, in article 7, “According to article 5 and 6, the head of an affiliated institution shall take any of the these  measures; (i) ordering temporary suspension of the performance of duties; (ii) designating a person who performs duties on behalf of or  joining with the public servant; (iii) reassigning duties and (iv) transfer;  where the performance of the duties of the relevant public servant is deemed to compromised.”, and in article 8 and 9 “Where a high-ranking public servant conducts activities in the private sector within three years before appointed to the relevant position or commencing his or her term of office, he or she shall submit the details  of such activities to the head of the affiliated institution within 30 days from the date of such appointment or commencement.”