Anti-corruption and the role of youths

  • Tue, 7 June 2022


        Corruption is immorality. Combatting corruption is also the fight against morality. In other words, it is a kind of reform to become good morals. Good morality is to cure immorality to become integrity, which is related to civics to be a good citizen. As corruption has various forms, it is very important to build a society that does not totally accept any form of corruption. It needs to build a culture accepting zero tolerance from starting with each person and the whole society. The youths, who are the future leaders, will be useful people by pushing them to practice integrity with their own knowledge and to obey the basic principle and ethics. Everyone has their own social values. Our family, school, environment, culture, media, and other facts influenced these values.  These social standard values can have an effect on free corruption if decisions can be made correctly and with integrity. It is noted that there must be accountability in making decisions and it is needed to take into consideration on the consequences for others. So, it is needed to start primary level to involve anti-corruption education in order to nurture integrity.