Bago Region Government and Anti-Corruption Commission jointly held Awareness Programme on Corruption Prevention

  • Sun, 21 May 2023

Bago Region Government and Anti-Corruption Commission jointly held Awareness Programme on Corruption Prevention

20 May 2023

ACC conducted an awareness programme on corruption prevention in collaboration with the Bago Region Government at the City Hall of Bago City, on 20 May 2023.

In the session, the Chief Minister of Bago Region U Myo Win Swe addressed the opening remark, as the Anti-Corruption Commission visits to Bago Region and holds an awareness seminar on corruption prevention, the responsible person for the government institution/organization gain the knowledge on the corruption, the cause of losing state-own money, property and assets due to corruption, the disadvantages of corruption. And then by understanding the provisions of the anti-corruption law, the penalties, and the contents that may cause corruption, they will be able to avoid corruption.

The Bago Region Government has established Corruption Prevention Unit (CPU) with 15 members to carry out corruption prevention activities. CPU is investigating and taking action on the complaints sent by the anti-corruption commission, and is also working to be able to respond within a certain date. In addition to the formation of a regional-level Corruption Prevention Unit, the regional government of Bago, the district-level or township-level Corruption Prevention Units have been formed.

      District-level Corruption Prevention Units participated in today's event, and it is necessary to provide secondary training to the township-level CPUs using the knowledge gained from the discussion. As those who attended the discussion, he said that it is necessary to continue sharing knowledge about fighting against corruption to the families or the environment.

Dr. Htay Aung, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, gave the speech that corruption is a major obstacle in the development of the country. Developing countries suffer more from the negative effects of corruption. Due to the occurrence of corruption, the development of the state is affected and that may cause adverse effects on cultural and social contexts as well as administration, judiciary, politics, economy. The Commission is conducting the anti-corruption activities with three main functions; investigation, prevention and awareness raising, as a national cause. The State Administration Council also stated that the reform activities are being accelerated by establishing the forward processes for the development of the country.

At the commemorative ceremony of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2022, the Chairman of the State Administration Council, the Prime Minister, directed that awareness and prevention are the basic factors in fighting corruption. The Commission has established Corruption Prevention Unit (CPU) in 38 Union Ministries/Organizations and 14 Region/State Governments, including the Commission, in order to reduce corruption throughout the country. By sending short message service (SMS) to the telephone numbers of the people who went the relevant Union Ministries/organizations to get services, and get responses by asking questions related to the service. When sending SMS, the Short Code "1111" is being used to send inquiries. 

After that, the Chief Minister of Bago Region Government, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, and officials from the Bago Region government took photos together.

Further, the officials of the commission office discussed the nature of corruption, regarding the activities of the Commission and issues related to prevention of corruption. The employees from region/district/township-level CPU, Education staff and a total of (193) businessmen attended and the ceremony was completed at noon (12:20).