Yangon region govt social affairs ex-minister U Naing Ngan Lin gets 15 years jail

  • Thu, 28 April 2022

            THE Anti-Corruption Commission examined the complaints against the social affairs ex-minister of Yangon Region U Naing Ngan Lin. According to the inspections, he accepted bribes amounting to K18 million and gifts from one construction company owner who was permitted to construct the Thingangyun Education College and the West Yangon Technological University in the 2020-2021FY.

            He also accepted other bribes from another four company owners while he was serving as education building construction tender committee chairman. He was prosecuted under Section 55 of the Anti-Corruption Law on 12 July 2021 with five cases at the Yangon Region High Court. Yesterday, the High Court sentenced him to 15 years in pris[1]on with hard labour for five cases and three years in prison for each case under Section 55 of the Anti-Corruption Law.