MoHS’s director of Public Health Department Dr Htar Htar Lin, director-general Dr Soe Oo (retired) charged under Anti-Corruption Law

  • Tue, 30 November 2021

        The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) set up an investigation team regarding the complaint of the director of the Depart[1]ment of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Dr Htar Htar Lin and her associates’ engagement in corruption. 

            According to the investigation team, a Geneva-based organization provided the fund to Myanmar through WHO and UNICEF. The GAVI HSS 2 Grant (Glob[1]al Alliance for Vaccines and Immuniza[1]tion-Health System Strengthening 2) provided by the organization were sub[1]mitted to the account of the Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health, as per the projects presented by the Expanded Immunization Programme. Dr Htar Htar Lin was appointed as the Project Manager for the expanded im[1]munization project. The Project Manager was responsible for submitting the work plan for quarterly use to the Executive Working Group chaired by Director-Gen[1]eral Dr Soe Oo. After his approval, the External Aid Committee-EAC chaired by Director-General Dr Soe Oo reviewed and approved the disbursement. Project Man[1]ager Dr Htar Htar Lin withdrew more than K8,120 million (K6,990 million out of K16,900 million received in funding at the central level for the 2019-2020 financial year, and K1,130 million from the 2018- 2019 non-budget balance) and allocated K10,500 million to regions and states. As the planned vaccination pro[1]gramme had not been implemented due to the COVID-19 outbreak since August 2020, it was proposed to change the title of the account because there was a cash balance of K161.198 million at the central level and over K840 million in regions/ states/districts/townships. On submission to change the account title, the Ministry of Health wrote a letter dated 26 January 2021, requesting com[1]ments from the Ministry of Planning and Finance. The Ministry of Planning and Finance and instructed the MoH not to spend cash balances and to keep them under Hta Sa – 6. However, Dr Htar Htar Lin, without abiding by the instruction, deposited K168.198 million of the central level cash balance to the UNICEF account on 10 February 2021, causing loss of State financial assets. The director-general of the Depart[1]ment of Public Health, Ministry of Health, who authorized to withdraw cash for the project activities under the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization-Health System Strengthening 2, as a responsible person in charge of the GAVI HSS2 Grant, failed to oversee the activities of Dr Htar Htar Lin, was an aid to loss of State funds. According to the findings, the first complaint was lodged at the Nay Pyi Taw Phayagon Myoma Police Station yesterday against Dr Htar Htar Lin under Section 56 of the Anti-Corruption Law and Dr Soe Oo under Section 56/63 of the Anti-Corruption Law, according to the Anti-Corruption Commission.