(PFP) Short Code “1111” Announcement

  • Fri, 29 October 2021

1. The Anti-Corruption Commission has been establishing Corruption Prevention Units (CPUs) among Union Ministries/ Institutions to implement effectively the Anti-Corruption activities.

2. The Anti-Corruption Commission has been using the Public Feedback Programme (PFP), through SMS with the Short Code “1111” to the citizens who received public services  at  branch office under the  supervision  of  respective  Union Ministries/ Institutions.

3. According to the Public Feedback Programme, the Anti-Corruption Commission and Union Ministries/ Institutions are able to know the quality of services provided by the relevant departments by responding to the SMS sent via the Short Code "1111" while receiving the service with the aim of preventing and reducing the petty corruption.

4. Replying to the questions of Corruption Prevention Units (CPUs) within Union Ministries/ Institutions through SMS with Short Code “1111” obviously helps the preventive measures of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Commission cordially announced to public for participating in the event of corruption preventive measures.

Anti-Corruption Commission